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Wet roof and floor can be a pain in the neck, especially if they are not repaired quickly and if you try to seal your basement And it doesn’t look like the waterproofing will help. If you are not what to do with this messy situation, you should contact My Plumbing Singapore for Waterproofing Services.

If you find a crack or crumbling section of your HDB condo’s or your household foundation, MY Plumber Singapore will offer you the best solution and do a long-lasting job. We will repair your floor cracks properly, ensure that your tile is in place. We cover most of the aspect on the waterproofing method to protect foundations as well as a variety of other waterproofing options.

The recommended method is tile grout repair solutions for your home and the specific needs and circumstances, as well as the type of waterproofing you use. This standard waterproofing service is typically applied to Bathroom Floor Leaks & Wall Tiling Leaks. The sealant is quickly forgotten and must be replaced to minimize water input. In addition to replacing faulty mortar, sealants and materials, a qualified waterproofing company can install a clear, waterproof coating that keeps your walls dry.

Refers to the various techniques used to prevent water from entering a house or basement of a building. Whether your foundation is concrete – cast or steel, brick or concrete – we all have one enemy in common: water. Water enters our homes through walls, floors, ceilings, windows, doors and even the roof of our buildings.

Please book an appointment for any tile waterproofing service inquiry and quotation., MY Plumber Singapore is ready to help!



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