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Water Heater Installation

water heater installation

Water heating system is one of the most common expenses for a household in Singapore. If you have decided to install a water heater to save money or test your DIY plumbing skills, I suggest you think again.

There is much consideration that affects your decision on the installation of water heater, with safety and actual costs coming first. If you have not researched on installing the suitable water heater, it may not be visible, and it could take time to realize the cost and efficiency issue pop up, later on, water heaters held to account for a large portion of your household’s total water and heating costs. It is a significant part of your energy usage, and you will want to make smart choices when buying the right appliances for your use.

There is no guarantee that your water heater will be electric or gas-powered, and there are specific safety standards you must meet. It may be cheaper to install it by yourself, but it is best to contact professional. Where we help you find the best water heaters, install them correctly, set them to the right setting and maintenance advice. While upfront costs are of considerable importance to many in making decisions, other factors such as comparison on cost, the size of the tank and the amount of water available for use count.  Even the cost of installation of tankless water heater is usually cheaper; the temperature would not be consistence, and as a storage tank heater where the longer service life offsets the value.

If you need help, we let our plumbing experts put together the right equipment options based on your household’s needs. We also have a variety of choices available to make things easier for your budgets, such as water heaters, heat pumps and even water coolers.If you are puzzled on what kind of replacement your household need, you can call us to request a free quote for its replacement. The water heater brands we supply include




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