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HDB Plumbing Service

hdb plumbing service

The most common sanitation emergency that a homeowner might face is a defective pipe or leak. While sanitation emergencies can occur at any time of the day or night, plumbers only work during regular business hours. The only option was to wait for a plumber to arrive during the day, or wait until the evening.  Our HDB certified plumbers know that emergencies can occur at any time and unexpectedly. We offer fast, equal – daily service to the operation.

If you need an experienced expert in a hurry, My Plumber Singapore gets you a quick answer. You can speak to one of our emergency plumbers, who are managed by our qualified plumbers who can reach you and talk to you within minutes in business time. My Plumber Singapore takes care of all kinds of plumbing problems, and we are a one-stop service for you. We solve plumbing problems that have been occurring in your home for years.

We offer a comprehensive range of sanitary services, toilet, water pipe, tap and heater repair and installation services for HDB, Condo, Apartment, landed house and all residential properties. To learn more about sanitation maintenance and reduce the need for future emergency calls. Book a call with us as we can help you with the assessment of your plumbing issue in a prompt manner!

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